Advent of Code 2020 - Starter kit and tips


Hi everyone :wave:

We’re working on putting together a starter kit for Advent of Code. At the very least the goal is to provide useful libraries and helper functions so that problem solving is distraction-free for both beginners and the experienced alike.

This keep posting updates on the improvements made. Feel free tag me on Discord too. I’m Manas (prometheansacrifice)#0219 there.


It seems @melwyn95 finds Angstrom a fun tool for all his parsing needs! It has been added to the template. In case you’re unaware, Angstrom provides a way to compose parsers together - check out his post here



This is terrific! Advent of Code is a good way to introduce ReasonML to newcomers, many people use exactly that calendar to learn themselves a new language. I have myself convinced a colleague of mine to try to solve this years calendar in reason.

It was cool to look at the solutions of @melwyn95:

Related: youtube channel with solutions to AoC every day in OCaml: