BuckleScript 8.1: new syntax option


Yeah, I’ll stop posting new issues here. But it makes sense to continue existing discussions on topic :thinking:

Oh I very much appreciate that this is a new direction and my codebase will work for the foreseeable future. It’s the long term future I’m concerned about.

This is something my team will be discussing, probably after the syntax is declared stable enough that a migration script is made available. Some of them are already pondering whether we give up our nice infix functions to get the benefits of bucklescript syntax, which surprises me.

Has the first-class list been posted anywhere yet? I was thinking of creating a post listing the ones from my codebase and how they’re used, for discussion and context around my concerns. Maybe I’ll make it a github ticket instead.


There’s already a thread, I think it’d be better to first discuss the specific changes here before filing an issue (maybe once consensus has been more or less reached):


sorry, by “first-class list” I meant the list of first-class infix operators, not the first-class list syntax… but you’re right, a post is probably more appropriate to start with.


Haha sorry, I misunderstood indeed, yes I think having a dedicated thread on discourse is better anyway