[BuckleScript 8.1 New Syntax]: String interpolation


Ok - shouldn’t we keep the GitHub issue open then?


This is much better than JS. In JS it’s extremely confusing because sql would be a function and you use it with the literal string. :grimacing: Here it’s a ppx or macro or whatever but the meta programming universe is completely separate from functions!


It would be nice thought to have better interop with the tagged template literals in js.


Let’s keep track of it in a separate issue. Changing “normal” strings as `“sehr schöne string” is going to be more complicated.


Done (https://github.com/BuckleScript/syntax/issues/34).


is there an easy way to update the syntax on a project to try this new String interpolation mechanism or should I better wait for a new release of BuckleScript?


We haven’t released a conversion script yet. Next release will feature it. This is so that we don’t have folks prematurity convert entire projects over before the syntax’s publicly finalized. For example, the recent list and this interpolation discussion changed the new syntax. It’d have been unnecessarily churn to re-convert a project again (not to mention we’d have needed a migration from current new syntax to next release new syntax).


sorry I expressed myself badly, I didn’t mean to update the syntax used in a project but the napkin syntax used by bucklescript, basically is there an easy way to try Bucklescript/Syntax trunk before bs-platform gets a new release?


You’d have to fork bs-platform and bump the syntax submodule, then build.