I'm going to talk at a meetup about ReasonML and ReasonReact, what should I cover?


The meetup is hosted by a React.js shop so I decided that the topic would be: “Introducing reasonml and where does it fit into React.js development”. The estimated time is 25-30 minutes and I’m having troubles figuring out what should I cover in the talk?

I have some ideas like:

  • General introduction about ReasonML
  • Why ReasonReact is better and React.js

But I still fiddling with the details so any ideas are welcome.


Maybe also talk about what tradeoffs can be expected using ReasonReact vs React.js


ah. This is a interesting ideas. A couple of things:

  • you have to write bindings for communicating back and forth between RR and React.js
  • no clear way to do global state