Reason-scripts archived?


I’m reading that the reason-scripts repo has been archived. Is there a reason for that? Are there any alternatives?


You could try using Parcel:


That’s awesome! I didn’t realized Parcel handled ReasonML!


It was deprecated yes. but you should be able to use whatever system you’re comfortable with reasonml. Check out a blog I recently wrote on this topic


I made as a replacement for reason-scripts. It mostly just adds bsb on top of react-scripts and disables lint rules.


There seems to be a security issue in webpack-dev-server which is a dependency of reason-scripts.

Does anyone have any idea how to upgrade this sub-dependency?

I tried

yarn upgrade reason-scripts --deep --latest

but it does not upgrade webpack-dev-server since the version number is fixed in reason-scripts. Should I just migrate to some other package instead?


reason-scripts is deprecated, please migrate away to another toolchain. The built-in bsb system works pretty well with just npm and a bundler.