A new post about BuckleScript development (release 4.0.8)


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Ver cool to hear about the work going on. I’m really liking this increased communication in this and the last post.

However, I think these posts are really missing a level of polish. Even as a non-native, I noticed a large amount of grammatical errors, mistypings, runoff sentences, and just general lack of structure.

I understand you might not want to spend too much time on this, and if this is what you have time for I will just appreciate that. But I really think a more professional look suits the Bucklescript blog, so a little proofreading would be time well spent. I could help out with some basic feedback myself if you want it, but a native English speaker would probably be better.


Hi, sorry for my poor English, I worked on this article in a late night and I might be a bit confident in my English skills( having lived in US for 6 years), I will ask a native speaker for proof reading next time


I’m happy to submit a PR with some grammar improvements, if you like?


That would be great, thanks!



Great post, really appreciate the insight. Thank you @bobzhang!