A unified place for the best projects to contribute to


@yawaramin mentioned Redex needing help in another thread and that got me thinking: is there some resource putting together some priority projects to contribute to? E.g., the Roadmap & Contribution page doesn’t mention Redex (or Belt, or WebApi), and I’m not sure whether submitting a PR to add it there is the way to go. Maybe it should be a separate repo or a wiki, with tasks sorted by newbie-friendliness, type of work (frontend/backend/tooling), etc.

The idea is to help us as the community focus on the core things and contribute to great (maybe even Elm-like :D) developer experience, as opposed to generating a lot of abandoned pet projects, reinventing standard libraries and flaming over the order of the arguments :slight_smile:


There is https://github.com/jordwalke/reason-project-ideas but yeah it should probably be integrated into the Reason site too :slight_smile: