[ANN] Esy 0.6.6 has been released


Hey everyone :wave: ,

esy 0.6.6. is out on NPM! Quick summary of what’s in this release

0.6.6 @ latest

  • Improves build/fetch concurrency configuration
  • Improves concurrency of the builds on Windows


  • Support --dev in esy add
  • Support --release in esy export-dependencies
  • Introduce --opam-repository-remote and --opam-repository-local and deprecate --opam-repository/--opam-override-repository
  • Fixes for Windows (path rewriting and stability).
  • Fixes open file limits on Linux and macOS
  • Fix unpacking archives on systems with /tmp being on a different mount
  • Faster fetching of gh sources

Full changelog - https://github.com/esy/esy/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Happy hacking!