[ANN] Esy 0.6.7 has been released


Hey everyone :wave: ,

esy 0.6.7. is out on NPM!

  • Better error messages pertaining to esy install - they now include the sandbox name.
  • BugFix: Support %{dev} in the opam build expressions
  • Overrides can now include buildDev
  • Support unsetting exported and build variables
  • Crash due to empty shell varibles fixed
  • EXDEV errors during internal rename operations handled better
  • esy cleanup removes the build tree too. Note: this doesn’t affect the cache (as it shouldn’t).
  • $PATH made configurable with $ESY__GLOBAL_PATH
  • Fix failing esy export-dependencies on Windows (Permission Denied)

We continue receiving more and more external contributions. Thank you everyone for making esy better.

More details - https://github.com/esy/esy/releases/tag/v0.6.7

Happy hacking!