ANN: remove deprecated getters in deriving abstract after 5.2.0


Related to, currently for

type t  = { x : int } [@@bs.deriving abstract]

It will generate both x (with a deprecated warning) and xGet

type t = { x : int } [@@bs.deriving {abstract = light}]

It will generate x only.
In next release, for the former, we will not generate deprecated x getter any more, if you still rely on the deprecated behavior, please add a light mode in this release


Sounds like a great candidate for a major version bump!


The 6.*.* major version seems to be reserved for the OCaml 4.06 rebase.


yeah I’m suggesting v7 and v8


It was deprecated in 4.0.0 over 12 months ago, I would hope anyone using 5.x has seen the warning and dealt with it :thinking:


FYI, this was done after the release 5.2.1/6.2.1