Any plans to create SDK for Dapr?


I haven’t yet learned ReasonML but I do know other functional language like F# and Elixir. I’m quite interested in this language but I still haven’t found any reason to use it, pun intended. I would be far more interested using in it if there was support for Dapr. By support I mean SDK (JavaScript & native) for it that would allow me to use Dapr virtual actors, pub/sub, state management, etc…


First time I hear about Dapr but it looks interesting!

Given it has a Typescript sdk which is not that big (around 300 lines of TS signatures), writing bindings to it should be quite straightforward in Bucklescript.

For native, the only requirement according to the docs is to have protobuf support:
Ocaml does have it:
So it should be doable too.