Anyone updating the ReasonML website


I noticed that the last post on the website’s blog was from a year ago. Anyone updating that?


I agree, it makes Reason look like a dead project.


The blog has historically not been very active. The core Reason project tends to move at a slower pace because there aren’t that many people in it. Contributions always welcome though, and as you can see there is a steady stream of activity in terms of merged PRs.


Oh absolutely. This forum is active, the repos are all active. The project is absolutely alive. But for example, if you do a search for ReasonML in either Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, you get, which is active on the homepage, but the blog lies fallow. I would happily update the blog if I knew where.


I guess the blog doesn’t have high SEO for various reasons. You could try to contribute here