Anyone using nix sandboxing for Reason/Ocaml projects?


Hi, i am just currious if anyone tried or is using nix.


Hey I don’t know much about nix. but reason team is building a solution for sandboxing. check it out


Hey, yes i saw esy, last time i talked with Andrey he told me that it was inspired by nix. What i like about nix is the whole environment, its not just package manager, you get amazing project sandboxing even for global dependencies, you can jump into any project with nix-shell. Gabriel has a nice setup for haskell projects probably i should just try that out. My Linux machines are also configured with nixos, and i love it so far.


I use NixOS for few years now and I started to do some basic stuff in Reason/OCaml recently, but I’m now trying to learn more how Reason/OCaml ecosystem works to possibly automate it in the future. I done this before with go2nix for Go projects.
I was looking a little at opam2nix and node2nix as it seems as a good starting point but I didn’t do anything more usable for now. What I do now is a simple nix-shell to have working node and OCaml environment and use npm and opam for dependencies

There’s also a good example of using yarn2nix that can be helpful