Audio in bsb-native?


Hi there, I’ve been making a game about a rolling egg, ( using Reprocessing for graphics, and have been starting to think about what options there are for adding sound.

Browser version should be fairly straight forward via WebAudio, so no concerns there, but native I’m less sure about. Thinking about perhaps starting with these OCaml bindings and seeing what I can get going: (which are bindings to this fairly OK looking audio library:

Anybody had any experience trying this? Am I making a terrible mistake?


Actually, scratch that, this seems to be a newer one (and it’s available via Opam) -


Heyyyy what kind of sound support around looking for? You can play sounds with reprocessing


Ohhh??? Just looking to trigger some audio samples - nothing complicated. I foolishly assumed Reprocessing was just a graphics library - will investigate. Thanks!