Bsrefmt or refmt? with vscode + reason-vscode 1.5.2


I am noticing some differences with reason-vscode’s formatting, and the older refmt command which I had installed by via

$ yarn global list
yarn global v1.13.0
info "bs-platform@4.0.18" has binaries:
   - bsb
   - bsc
   - bsrefmt

reason-vscode formats identically as bsrefmt, I believe, for example

let sqr = x => {
  x * x;

The older refmt cli tool, however, formatted the same function as:

let sqr = x => x * x;

The question: Is bsrefmt the current standard for reason-ml formatting? Is reason-cli just deprecated?

PS, reason-vscode is awesome. Truly enjoyable developer experience!