Can't build OCaml with esy


I’ve been trying to test drive esy but I can’t even get [any version of] OCaml to build successfully. Can anyone help??

Bash session
GitHub issue


I’m not sure why it doesn’t build on your system but there’s a bug in ocaml’s Makefile which was fixed just recently —

I will release a new version of ocaml which do not do make clean at the end of the build. This should make it build.


Please try 4.6.10, 4.7.1004


Also, update your esy:

npm remove -g esy
npm install -g esy

I will be updating hello-reason to have a lockfile for the latest esy.


That bug was exactly it. At the end my build was trying to delete /Library (/*~) which it obviously couldn’t because permissions. Both new releases WFM :raised_hands:t4: Where could we document (I can try to PR) the way esy-OCaml version numbering works (issue)? I get it now but I really had to dig to grok it. E.g. as a new user if I were to naively write "ocaml": "4.7.1" (or any tag without a range) I’d be back to this error right?