Confirming by understanding of the license


I am about to start writing a book that will feature Reason code.

The tools I use to write books mean that my code examples are embedded into the test direct from their source files.

Some of those source files will be written in Reason, and hence they will be part of projects that include the Reason/Bucklescript transpiler.

Technically, then, the project embeds BS, and the book embeds the project.

My understanding of your license is that this use would not trigger the need to license by book under LGPL, and this use would seem to be covered by the exclusion.

Is that correct?


Dave Thomas


Hi @pragdave, let us discuss these offline first, you can send me an email (
In general, we are flexible about the LICESNE, it is licensed under LGPL due to it is derivative work of the ocaml compiler