[Docs] bucklescript.github.io will now forward to reasonml.org


Hey everyone,

Since we are currently in the preparation phase for further refactoring of the BuckleScript docs, we decided to forward all links within the bucklescript.github.io website to the equivalent reasonml.org resource, including blog posts and API. The start page will stay online for now, but subpages will automatically be redirected.

The reasons why we do this now, even though reasonml.org is still in alpha phase:

  • Information you can find on reasonml.org is currently more up to date
  • It will help us reduce the maintenance overhead while we are working on the newest features
  • It’s easier to find the up to date blog posts (some ppl got confused on where to find the most recent posts)

In case you have any questions, issues (broken links), or if there is any information missing on the new website, please let us know either in this thread, or on the reasonml.org issue tracker.

Updates on the plans of the upcoming BuckleScript docs refactor will come soon. This is the first step of making sure that we are having all information in one place before further action.

Thanks for bearing with us :sweat:


I suppose we cannot redirect reasonml.github.io to reasonml.org because of the (not really existent) native/common part and the playground?
Maybe at least the blog section?


Hmm, yeah at least the blog should be redirected… right now the playground is not ready yet and it will still take some time to get there


Both those the bucklescript forwarding and the reasonml blog forwarding, will really help new users. We’ve had quite a few come in to discord confused why their hasn’t been a blog post on reason for a long time, so this will be a great fix.