[edit]Thanks for responses to Tech Review for ReasonML Book


I’m writing a book for the Pragmatic Bookshelf: Web Development with ReasonML (https://pragprog.com/book/reasonml/web-development-with-reasonml). The book is nearing completion, and we have found several helpful people to act as technical reviewers on this project.

EDIT as of 14 December 2018: Given the book schedule and number of reviewers we already have, we aren’t accepting any more reviewers, sorry. Thanks to everyone who has signed on to review. I have received some highly useful and insightful comments already!

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Are you interested by someone with a few years of experience in ocaml but no experience in web dev?


Yes, that would be an interesting blend of experienced and beginner - you know the OCaml part well, but not as well for the JavaScript aspects. (I’m not sure the book is good at bridging those worlds, but you can certainly find out…)


I’m already a buyer of the beta edition. I’m interested in reviewing it for a printed copy


Sounds good (and thank you for buying the beta edition!). Please contact the editor for further details.


Hey I’m willing to review as well. I’ll reach out to your editor. Glad to see you’re pushing this out super fast! Right on the waveeee.