Editor Intellisense


I’m using the recommended VSCode-reasonml plugin, apart from it getting confused quite often it integrates well with the command line errors.

The one thing I really missing coming from TypeScript is decent intellisense, I find it such a powerful way to learn a language. The error messages are great but context sensitive suggestions would remove the need for many of them.

I seem to get intellisense in only a few situations, is my editor configured incorrectly? or is this a limitation of the current plugin - or the language?


Which situations don’t work for you?


This is the sort of thing I’d expect to work. x or y do not even appear in the dropdown but it correctly gives me an error if I try and use anything else.



What happens when p is annotated with its type?

type a = {
  aaaaa: string,
  bbbbb: string,

let a = {aaaaa:"a", bbbbb:"b"};

let f = (a: a) => {

In emacs if I ask for completion where CURSORHERE is, I get the proper suggestions. Without annotations it doesn’t work as well.


Yes, that works - I don’t even need to annotate the type, just putting in a new scope fixes it.

As I mentioned intellisense does work as expected in a few situations.