Editor Support?


Not for nothing folks, I download and ran an old project to study. This is the project: https://github.com/erizocosmico/myfosdem

When I ran the code I noticed that the editor support was magical. Check out this screen shot where when you hover a command it tells you exactly where that command is defined. hell hovering over anything at all give you super detailed type info.

in this pic, you hover over decode and it points you to the module where this function is defined. I do not get this anywhere else. I have never seen this before or not in a super long time anyway.
Anyone know how to set up our editors to get this?
This is the bs.config:

  "name": "myfosdem",
  "reason": {
    "react-jsx": 2
  "bsc-flags": ["-bs-super-errors"],
  "bs-dependencies": ["bs-react-native", "reason-react", "bs-fetch", "bs-json"],
  "sources": [
      "dir": "re",
      "subdirs": true
  "refmt": 3

Dude is using bs-platform 2.0.1. https://github.com/erizocosmico/myfosdem/blob/d756ff61076791a6e108fadc7a61c283849ae8aa/package.json#L21

How do we do it?

Thanks, in advance.


Just to clarify: are you saying you currently have this editor support for ReasonML, and want it for other languages? Or you want it for ReasonML?

If for ReasonML, which editor are you using? If VScode, have you tried the recommended reason-vscode plugin? It should give you exactly that functionality, as per its description page.


I deleted the code lense setting as it was highlighted as unknow, and it seems to be better now after re-installation. Will keep you posted. Thanks.