Esy Analog To BSB -init



Is there a command option to esy to set up an application template? I can set up an application template via bsb -init but then it’s not clear to me how to test the package via bsb. Attempting to build the bsb package with esy seems also to be a non-starter. I’ve hunted through the esy docs to see if I could find something regarding how to interact with both tools but no luck so far.

Any suggestions–even RTFM if someone can point me to the right part of the manual–would be greatly welcome.


Just to understand what you’re trying to do–are you trying to set up a ReasonML native (i.e. compile to executable) project?


Thanks for responding. Yes that’s what I’m looking for.


OK, I recommend cloning this sample repo and adjusting to your needs:


Ok, thanks @yawaramin. I know about that hello-reason project; I was trying to see if I was missing something like a bsb -init type of option for esy.