Full stack engineer with ReasonML / ReScript experience (or interest!)


Backtrace.io is hiring a full stack engineer, with React experience as well as interest or experience with ReasonML / ReScript.

Feel free to include me as a referral, or to ask any questions here. Our app is a Reason React app, and we also create back-end services in node.js / typescript, and in the future maybe even Rust.


Hi, is it a remote job? Is it possible to work part-time? How about salary?


Remote or local to NYC as far as I know. I’m not the hiring manager so I can’t really answer the other questions, but feel free to email jobs@backtrace.io to inquire about the rest.


Hey, I’m located in the NYC area and interested in this opportunity.

However, I’ve only recently started delving into Reason for my personal projects, coming previously from Typescript/React with regards to frontend development.

I know you mentioned that you’re not the hiring manager, but are you able to speak more on the responsibilities? I say this seeing that you guys are a smaller company and typically engineers will need to be very flexible in working with many different tools and technologies (not limited to mere interest with ReasonML).


Well, generally speaking I would encourage you to apply to roles that look interesting to you, even if they do not perfectly match your skill-set. In this particular instance, you’d be expected to have strong Javascript knowledge, and know your way around React and node.js. Beyond that you can pick things up as you go along.


Hi, just want to bump this thread to announce that we are looking for a UI oriented ReasonML developer to work on our ReasonReact app here at Backtrace. This is a remote position.

We will be updating our bucklescript version to ReScript in the near future.

This engineer will also have a chance to contribute to our back-end services (which are mostly in typescript / node.js).

Send an email to me at mrashkovsky@backtrace.io if you’d like to chat and have me pass along a word of recommendation along with your resume. Otherwise feel free to apply directly to the job posting here: https://saucelabs.com/company/careers/job?gh_jid=3553772