Generated import paths are incorrect



I’m having an issue where the import/require paths for reason-react contain the local bsconfig.json package-specs paths. My local bsconfig.json contains:

  "package-specs": [{
    "module": "es6"

My expectation is that the imports/requires for the reason-react *.bs.js files would not contain lib/es6, since reason-react’s bsconfig.json defines "in-source": true.

// This path does not exist
import * as ReasonReact from "reason-react/lib/es6/src/ReasonReact.js";

Is this a known issue if you are not using "in-source": true in a project?


ooh that looks like a bug! Go ahead and file it on the bucklescript project


I had sometime tonight to try to reproduce from scratch, but couldn’t. I believe this was a case of not running bsb -clean-world between changing the bsconfig.json settings. The files .bs.js files are generated in the node_modules/reason-react directory as expected if I clean-world before starting up the -make-world -w.