Handling asynchronous programming in FP fassion


Hello :smile:,

I want to ask for guidance with writing asynchronous code with Reason. I have to admit that one of the reasons I’m asking is lack of await/async structure in Reason, but I’d want to emphasize, I don’t want to replicate await/async exact behavior in Reason.
I get used to using JS patterns that involve async-await, and that what made me feel a bit helpless in Reason.
I have a frontend background and some knowledge of Rust. I had a hard time understanding Js.Promise.t and going through ReasonML and BuckleScript documentation, but I guess it’s just a matter of practice.
I’m learning functional programming and let say it out loud. My main target is writing Frontend with Reason. I started wrapping Promises with Futures and learning about the IO monad, but I still feel a bit like I lack glue to build reliable FE functional architecture.
Can you recommend me any resources that:

  • helps to understand how to handle asynchronous programming (is RX a right path?)?
  • helps to understand how to implement that in Reason (for ReasonReact specifically)?


Hi mishix, can you give us some examples of what you are trying to do exactly? That will help us guide you in Reason idiomatic direction.