Hiring: ReasonML Frontend Engineer - Remote EU



We at Tenzir (https://tenzir.com/) are an early-stage startup that build a next generation data-plane for modern Security Operations Centers. We are looking for a frontend engineer to help us enhance the web interface to VAST (our open-core telemetry engine, https://github.com/tenzir/vast). In our stack, we use C++ for VAST , Rust and ReasonML (compiled to JS) in our API-Layer, and ReasonML on the frontend. Our website is written in ReasonML with the help of Gatsby. Our team cultivates a mindset of strong typing and functional programming, practiced end-to-end across the entire stack. We’re a remote-first company, scattered across Europe. Ideally looking for someone within (+ / -) 4hrs timezone.

Here’s the full ad: https://tenzir.com/career/frontend-engineer/

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly :slight_smile: