How Can I Trigger an Event on the Underlying DOM Node of a ReasonReact Ref?



I’m attempting to use the browser’s native file upload functionality, and to do so I need to trigger a click event on a hidden input element.

I have a ref, as described here, but it’s not clear to me how I can execute the click event upon the underlying DOM node.

In theory, this pattern would apply to other DOM node actions like focus and blur.


Thanks to @alexfedoseev in the ReasonML Discord channel:

In JS, click / blur / focus are methods on DOM element object. In Reason, one must use the appropriate functions to call these methods.

There exist 2 ways to achieve it:

  1. Less type-safe, provided by ReasonReact:
-> => el->ReactDOMRe.domElementToObj##click())
  1. Type-safe, but requires Webapi package:

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I went with

let currentHtmlIter = (ref, ~f) => {
  ->Js.Nullable.iter((. el) => el->Webapi.Dom.Element.unsafeAsHtmlElement->f);

Because people don’t usually check if reference is an html element in vanilla JS: if current is present, then it’s probably points to an html element, unless you’re doing something weird.

But converting to option and using asHtmlElement is probably technically safer.