I18n library for ReasonReact



I’m new to Reason and ReasonReact, but, after spending a few hours digging what is possible to do with it, I have every intention to make my next project with it, since I prefer strongly typed functional languages to JavaScript every day.

Either way, I was unable to find an I18n solution for ReasonReact. Rolling my own solution shouldn’t be overly complicated (for example, something like this), but I would prefer to use an already existing solution if there is one.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Filip Brcic


I haven’t tried them, but I found a couple of libraries for i18n and React:


What’s wrong with your solution? It seems better and simpler than the suggested solutions.

Only thing I would change is to instead pass down a function into the child components and make messages a polymorphic variant, like this. This makes it easier to make and test components without concerning yourself about the translation. Translation gets passed down as a function instead to the components.

Using third-party solutions for the sake of using third-party solutions is not a great idea.