Learn ReasonML, based on Jane Street's Learn OCaml


This is a set of 24 exercises that’ll take a beginner through basic function definitions, recursion, variants, and all the way till mutable variables. It was forked from Jane Street’s Learn OCaml workshop, but we fixed the exercises to run on Reason and changed the explanations to the Reason syntax.

We ran this as a workshop here in Bangalore a few months ago. The participants worked through the exercises in their own time and learned the language basics and in the actual workshop we helped them implement a game of Snake. One exercise I particularly liked was when they had to define map and iter based on fold.

Hope this might be useful to people just learning Reason or typed FP in general. We have tried keeping the exercises as close to the original version, but if you have questions or thoughts, please feel free to raise an issue.


This is great! Thank you for sharing! :heart: