Lwt and/or Threads in browser


Let’s say you wanted to switch out ocsigen/lwt from a backend project with something that works in the browser. Or needed to replace the Thread package.

What are the spiritual equivalents in the browser?

Thank you.


The spiritual equivalent of Lwt in the browser is … Lwt, if you’re using Js_of_ocaml. It compiles Lwt directly to JS :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for something more native to the browser, there are JS Promises which work very similarly to Lwt, actually (promises run by a scheduler, on a single core).

But if you’re looking to replace Thread, as far as I know there is no equivalent for the browser.


Damn, man. Just like that. Let me look in to that.


Can you use Lwt as a lib on the js side is really the question. Like mzp/bs-lwt apparently does on an old version?