Moving a React-Redux app to Reason-Reductive



Hey all!

We are planning to rewrite a huge React-Redux app (written in plain JavaScript) with Reason and Reductive.
Does anybody have experience doing the same?

We started with incrementally introducing Reason in our JavaScript codebase. Even though the interop is super smoothe, we realised that we have to end up santising a lot of data before calling the Reason functions from JS. This was getting a little tedious and the type system was making the dev-cycle harder rather than easier. That is probably because our JavaScript project did not have a proper type management. So we have finally decided to rewrite.

Also, is anybody using Reductive in production? Or does it make sense to write a custom global state management solution with hooks or binding to Redux manually? Some experiences/case-studies about global state management in ReasonReact would be very helpful.

Looking forward :slight_smile:



I haven’t tried Reductive, but I can recommend Restorative. It’s a lightweight library similar to Zustand.