✅ Need a reviewer for Learn Type-Driven Development with ReasonML


Hi everyone, I’m looking for a technical reviewer for my upcoming book: https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/learn-type-driven-development

I think We are trying to finish the review by June. The compensation will be a year’s free subscription to the Packt catalogue (books and videos).

If you’re interested, PM me your email address and I’ll send you the reviewer prospectus, then we can go from there.



Can I ask do you have any background requirements for a reviewer? I’m pretty new with ReasonML and I would love to learn more. I already preordered your book and waiting until November is impossible for me


Hey Khoa, the book is targeted at people who know some basic JavaScript or some similar language, so I think the technical reviewer could also fit in that description. The reviewer prospectus has more details from a functional perspective (what would you need to do, how would you review, etc.), let me know and I can email that to you.

By the way, thanks for ordering! :slight_smile:


+1 would love to help review. Tho I’m familiar with Idris and it’s Type-Driven Develompent book.


Hi, thanks for offering :slight_smile: we’ve found a reviewer. I should have actually updated this thread sooner :sweat_smile:


I’ve only worked in traditional OCaml, and I’m not currently trying to use ReasonML, but I’m pleased to see that the first ReasonML book is going to appear soon. (I think ReasonML is a good thing in itself, and good for OCaml as a whole, and books obviously help to establish and promote a language.)

The focus of the content of the book sounds interesting, too–novel and valuable. (I am likely to buy it, I think–even if some of it covers topics I know about, it also covers topics I don’t know about, and learning more about types while wading into Reason syntax will be fun.)

However, there’s no mention of ReasonML in the book description. Is that intentional? Are other languages a substantial part of the book’s focus?


Thanks for the kind words! Note that the first ReasonML book is already out: http://reasonmlhub.com/exploring-reasonml/

You’re right though that the book description doesn’t emphasise that it’s using Reason. I’ll have a chat with the editorial team and make a suggestion. Thanks!


Oh, that’s great. I didn’t know there was already a book available.


Hi Yawar