New (significant) version of tablecloth


I’ve just released a new version of tablecloth - an easy-to-use, comprehensive standard library that has the same API on all OCaml/ReasonML/Bucklescript platforms.

0.0.6 is a pretty significant step forward, bringing a ton of documentation, new Array, Char, and Tuple3 modules, a lot of tests, and a ton of new functions in the List, Tuple2, Result, Option, and String modules. All of these are implemented on top of Jane Street Base in the tablecloth-native version, and Belt in the tablecloth-bucklescript version.

It also fixes installation of the opam tablecloth-native package.

This release was almost entirely due to three amazing contributors: thanks a million to Dean Merchant, J David Eisenberg, and Johannes Hoffmann.

See the full changelog.


Congrats on the new release Paul. Just a quick question, are you not following SemVer? I would imagine new features would warrant a minor version bump.


I was under the impression that anything goes before v1.0.0.


I like this answer:

Additionally, note that 0.y.z is kept aside for quick iteration, so that initial development (and hence lots of breaking changes) does not leave you at something silly like 142.6.0. Instead of bumping the major version, bump the minor version on every breaking change until you release 1.0.0


Yeah, but who’s to stop you going from 0.14 to 15.0, like React did :slight_smile: