Next Version: major version 8 for bs-platform (minor incompatible changes suggestions)


Hi all,
We are targeting version 8 in next release, it would contain significant improvement for data representations like exception, lazy, variant, poly-variant etc. Since it is a major version bump, so some small incompatible changes would be considered, let us know if you think some legacy issues should be fixed but avoided due to breaking changes, thanks!


I would like to see monorepo support. This might not even need to be a breaking change, it could be additional functionality. I’ll aim to build a replication repo for my idea to post in this issue over the weekend:


Definitely monorepo support


As I just suggested in the github ticket, if we haven’t already upgraded to the new syntax features, a new major would be a good time for it


+1 monorepo support

On my end, strong monorepo support would be by a fair bit the most valuable thing to consider for this release and going forward. I’ve wasted a lot of time in a mediocre setup with Foretold. Now we have something that’s kind of working but it’s fairly hacky (see this script).

Monorepos seem quite essential to me for realistically-sized projects, especially if we want to share any other ReasonML code in accessible ways on npm.

Thanks for all of your work on this btw!


Not a breaking change but I would love to see binding operator support. Its been in Ocaml for almost a year, and it looks like the work has been done on the ReasonML end.


I would love if the semicolons could be removed, they are very noisy