No file name error


I am having a weird problem when compiling Reason code. I get this message

We’ve found a bug for you!
(No file name)

This variant expression is expected to have type qTree(qTreedata)
The constructor () does not belong to type qTree

Why is the file name missing? Is there a way to find it and the line number where it is occuring?


Perhaps you could provide more context about your setup, we can help you


I don’t know what to say here. While checking for errors I commented and then uncommented a few lines to narrow down the error and then the error went away. The compiler seems happy since then.

Specifically I was making a quadtree datastructure.
I had this first:
then I put a let block as in
let result = Children(tln,trn,bln,brn,prev_data);
and then it went away!