Plotting library/framework?


What would be “the best” plotting library/framework to use with ReasonML/Bucklescript?
I’m willing to start contributing to such a project, but just wanted to probe if there is already such an effort going on.

From my initial research, I’d start working on integration with plotly.js unless a better idea comes up.


At the moment, there aren’t any plotting bindings/ library for ReasonML that I know of. So my suggestion is pick something you are already familiar with in JavaScript and make a binding for it.Anything is good at this point


If you really wanted to go hardcore, you could start a D3 binding project. That one is a monster.


There is one d3 binding project already started :


What I need is higher level presentation charts. Probably C3 (built on top of d3) - it’s my best contender so far. Still haven’t started hacking though, I will make the bindings public when I do so.


I’m late to the party, but if this is a react app I have started to bind to Victory but it’s far from complete, the repo is here, if anyone want to help out I can give write access to repo and npm or setup some automatic npm release via CI/CD.


At Ahrefs we are using recharts a lot. See