[Poll] What should I work on next: Improve native playground or build bucklescript playground?


First of all, I want to thank you for all of you who’ve supported me on OpenCollective. You guys are awesome.

I almost finish my final exams and I’m gonna have 2-3 free weeks next month so I’m deciding between improving the native playground (aka Sketch.v2) or build the bucklescript playground

Improving the native playground

Sketch.sh currently for native project only (so no bucklescript). I started the work for Sketch.v2 awhile ago. Things I wanted to add : code completion, opam package loading.

Build the Bucklescript playground

Let’s face it, the current official ReasonML playground is almost unusable UX wise. I want to bring an experience comparable to CodeSandbox to ReasonML community. For asking a question, you can simply make a playground with reproducible errors, folks could iterate on this playground to provide the correct answer for you.

So which one do you wish to have?

  • Improve native playground (aka Sketch.v2)
  • Build Bucklescript playground

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do you plan adding support for interactive ReasonReact into Sketch?


that’s what bucklescript playground is :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile:I read too fast


Thank you all!.

Your wishes have come true



Wow, thanks a lot @thangngoc89, that’s awesome! I’m pretty curious about how you managed to do that, I’ll check the sources out.