Ppx-tea-jsx — Reason JSX support for BuckleScript-TEA


Hi everyone!

I’ve been having a great time using BuckleScript-Tea with OCaml lately — so much so that for a small project which requires a very small footprint I decided to give it a shot instead of relatively heavier ReasonReact. Unfortunately, Reason’s rather parenthesis heavy syntax didn’t scale as well as our view layer got more complex over time. To make colleagues who are comfortable with ReasonReact happier, I’ve built a PPX that allows you to use JSX in a TEA-flavored fashion. Check it out!

Big shout-out to @OvermindDL1 for the fantastic library which can both handle complex applications and scale down to tiny scripts, and @bsansouci for bsb-native which made it possible to distribute PPX’s via npm without dealing pre-compilation.


Lol, I always intended to integrate the JSX syntax but never got around to it, awesome!

You should PR the link to your project into my readme and add yourself as a contributor due to the PPX! :slight_smile: