Proposal: releasing a package bs-platform.linux for cloud distribution


One constant complain is that the size of bs-platform is quite big, this is partly due to we released binaries for three platforms, I am thinking that if it makes sense to make a release of bs-platform.linux so that you don’t need pay for the cost of other platform when distributed in the cloud.

The question is do you do prod releases for other platform, notably Mac/Windows?
Note that bs-platform will still be released, this is a short-term solution


Do you mean the binaries get bundled and shipped, or do they just have to be present during the build process?

I’ve just started my future favorite pet project. Since it’s an Electron desktop app, I’m planning to build for all 3 platforms. So, on one hand, even if the final app binary should be assembled on each platform separately, I suppose (though I’m not 100% sure) it’s enough to create one JS bundle and use it thrice. On the other hand, maybe for CI puproses binaries for all platforms are more convenient.


Currently bs-platform contains binaries for all 3 major platform which is unnecessary for distribution in cloud.

Note those binaries are only used for build time, so it is not really needed, but in practice, people would like to have the same workflow between dev and release, so they still install bs-platform in distribution.

My proposal is a compromise that only Linux binaries matters in most cases, so the size will be reduced to 1/3 of the current status


Oh, I get it, your question is more or less how many apps are both built and hosted on Linux. For cases like mine bs-platform.linux probably wouldn’t matter all that much.


This may sounds like a good idea at first but in general, it isn’t.
Here are some problems on top of my mind:

  • How do you manage bs-platform.linux in package.json?
  • Most CI/cloud distribution caches node_modules so download all 3 platform binaries isn’t a big deal.


I think this is unnecessary, what we need is a standalone stdlib and belt.
Imo there should not be any tone spent on this as there are better long-term solutions for it.


It seems people don’t this is a good idea, so let’s put it on hold, thanks for your comments