Published a post about what we are doing and going to do about BuckleScript development


Here is the link:


What is ocaml 4.06.2? A new release by yourself with some additional things?


My wish list once 4.06.2 support lands are:

  • An improved ppx development experience with interoperability to existing ones from the OCaml ecosystem.
  • Support for OPAM packages.

Are those on the roadmap in 2019?


Ah, it is a typo, updated, thanks


It is a typo, it is 4.06.1.
It is not that we don’t want to support OPAM packages, it is that npm has a special layout restriction, you can not relocate JS artifacts easily, that’s something we want to investigate but unclear what’s the best practice. (It is not the same thing with JSOO, since it does not really use npm…)


I’m very keen for this. The heavyweight-for-libraries issue lead me to hold off extending use of reasonml in my day job, and over the last year or so I’ve drifted away from the community.

As I said on twitter, if I can help at all let me know. Whether that’s contributing to the code or talking in detail about my needs for a lightweight install - whatever you need :slight_smile:


I will write a post about the plan and how we evolve in that direction