Quirks Of Installation On Ubuntu


Not really a question so much as something which I hope may help others if there’s an issue. I was trying to install Reason on Ubuntu and I ran into a few snags.

1.) As others have pointed out, if you want to install esy you either need to install it via the prefix option Problem installing Esy on Ubuntu 19.10 (in my case I ended up using npm i --prefix $HOME/bin esy to get it to work but YMMV) or you need to do the sudo option (also mentioned in that other question thread).

2.) I didn’t realize that curl isn’t installed by default. I tried to build hello-reason only to have it fail repeatedly to fetch the right packages. I was going to look up the version of curl and that’s when I realized curl wasn’t present at all.

3.) If you don’t have it you’ll need m4 installed as well.

Just hoping to save other folks a bit of aggravation should others try to install on Ubuntu!