Re-packaging of let-anything


It seems there’ll still be a while before we’re able to get let+ support in BuckleScript. In the meantime we have @jaredly’s fantastic let-anything PPX. But that PPX has been a bit difficult to use in the past, and it hasn’t yet been updated to work with BuckleScript 6.x and 7.x. Jared has a whole lot to do, and I rely heavily on this PPX, so I thought I’d help out a bit.

I re-packaged let-anything, merged @anmonteiro’s update to 6.x, built it with esy (thanks to, configured TravisCI to pre-build binaries for Mac and Linux (Windows support PR is welcome!) and re-wrote the readme to be a bit more friendly to newcomers.

I’d love feedback or contributions here:

I’d also be interested in collecting data on who is using this PPX. If this tool is important to people maybe we can put together some data and put some more weight behind the effort to support let+ in BuckleScript. So if you’re using let-anything in a project why don’t you post about it below or open an issue on GitHub?


I’m not using it but I’d like to start. I hadn’t gotten far enough down that thought to realise it would break (I’m still on 5.x but likely to try to upgrade pretty quickly once 6/7 is released as stable).


@mrmurphy Thanks for releasing this. It would be great if the let anything syntax would ship in bucklescript, now it’s in ocaml. It’s still not in reasonml native yet though, so as you mentioned likely a while off.
Thanks for updating ppx let though, that’s a great interim until let+ lands.
Still seriously evaluating the reason, bucklescript ecosystem, but likely to change one of our product’s to reason (on front end only for now), possibly before year end (if not shortly after).
interested in evaluating the backend too, I think you mentioned you had some tooling around that, that would be very interesting to see.


Yes, we’re having a blast with it on the backend. I’ve got it on my mental to-do list to release the work we’ve done there after we get through the big pressing work we’re doing right now. I’m glad you’re interested!


That would be great thanks.


Thank you so much for this! I need to upgrade to 7 so this is perfect timing :slightly_smiling_face:


meanwhile, @jaredly just went and did it… :rofl:


Haha, no joke!