React-Native and Full-Stack Engineer at Day One


If you live in Utah (or have ever wanted to live in Utah), like React Native, and want to work with Reason both front and back-end, maybe you’d be interested in our job opening at Day One! (Join me giphy).

Here’s what the link says:

Bloom Built, Inc. is looking for a full-time on-site full-stack Web developer primarily responsible for creating an Android version of our flagship app using React Native, secondarily contributing to other projects with the rest of the Web team.

About us:

  • Makers of the award-winning personal journaling app “Day One”.
  • Small team, fun atmosphere.
  • Relaxed work environment.
  • High autonomy & accountability.
  • On-location in Lehi, UT.

What we’re looking for:

  • A few years’ experience (but contact us anyway if you have less experience and still feel qualified).
  • Proficiency in Typescript, React Native, React.js, Node.js.
  • Understanding of software design and architecture.
  • Interest in personal journaling.
  • Self-starter. Self-teaching. Thrives in the small company “startup”-ish environment.
  • BONUS: Familiarity with functional programming concepts.
  • BONUS: Does not hate object-oriented programming.
  • BONUS: Experience with ReasonML, or OCaml.
  • BONUS: DevOps skills.
  • BONUS: Swift experience.
  • BONUS: Java experience.

To apply, email us an introduction and any relevant information (

You can also feel free to DM me, or reply to this thread if you have questions that would be helpful for others to see.