Reason for React Developers Screencast



I was considering doing a free YouTube screencast (or a few) about how to get started and be reasonably productive with ReasonML in a short time.

It will be from the perspective of a React JS developer and will be fairly fast paced but will try to not make drastic assumptions. Most of the time i’ll have the equivalent code in JavaScript to compare the two side by side.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know!


  • Language basics compared to JS (side by side)
  • Reason-React compared to React JS
  • Routing in Reason React vs React Router
  • State management options (compared to JS solutions)
  • Requesting / parsing JSON server data
  • Apollo/GraphQL
  • Deploying a front end app to production (

If you’d like me to message you when it’s ready, please let me know below and i’ll ping everyone then.


Awesome, looking forward to it.

Feel free to take inspiration from the examples in my course:

I’m also currently working on one about ReasonReact & BuckleScript.


Any news on this?

Also, if you are taking requests, can you include some deeply nested json that takes optional values that would get through something like this.

Error: This expression has type
         Js.Array.t({. "node": option({. "businessId": string, "name": string})})
           array({. "node": option({. "businessId": string, "name": string})})
       but an expression was expected of type
         Js.Array.t(option('a)) = array(option('a))
       Type {. "node": option({. "businessId": string, "name": string})}
       is not compatible with type option('a)

Js.Array.t({. "node": option({. "businessId": string, "name": string})})



Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely go over that in the parsing section. I’ve switched over to GraphQL to eliminate this problem (and to get type checking). It’s fairly straight forward to wrap a REST API in the GraphQL resolver and just forward the request through via GraphQL.

I recently moved and am getting settled back in so I imagine this won’t happen for another month or two realistically (though possibly sooner if I don’t get burnt out lol).

I also have to chat with Tyler McGinnis about possibly collaborating with him so it gets some more exposure (he reached out to me on the React subreddit), so there’s a good chance he’ll be able to host the content.


That’s a graphql response off a postgres db.


Wow, that sounds amazing! Looking forward to this :smiley: