Reason native and ocaml libraries


Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with reason (native installed with opam). From the docs I was under the impression that reason is just a syntax on top of ocaml’s ast and so interop (in the native case) should be seamless. In general I have found that this is true but there are several that give me errors when I try to #require them in rtop. The errors returned are not very informative, i.e. syntax error message. For example:

Reason # #require "owl-top";
Exception: Syntaxerr.Error(_).
Exception: Syntaxerr.Error(_).
Exception: Syntaxerr.Error(_).

Anyways, I’m just curious if interop in native reason with ocaml should be as straightforward as I was assuming.

Thank you,


I have found the following work-around:

bash # utop-full
utop # #require "owl-top";;
utop # #require "reason.rtop";;
Reason # open Owl;

which then works as expected. So it would seem that the answer to my question is yes there is seamless interop. Not sure though why requiring directly in rtop fails.