ReasonConf 2018 AMA


I thought it would be a good idea to have an additional thread for questions regarding the organization of ReasonConf 2018.

If there is anything you are wondering regarding schedule, about Vienna, or if you want to verify certain expectations, just join the discussion :slight_smile:

Your input will be helpful to clarify information on our website (


Will you have videos available online? What about livestreams?


We will record and publish all the conference day talks and eventually some additional content, depending on our budget.

We will not livestream anything, since this would be too much effort on our side (we have no experience with this and naturally these kind of things usually break first without any professional assistant).


So… when do we get the recordings?


The conference just ended yesterday (13 May 2018), so I imagine it will take a while for people to get home, catch up with work, and then find the time to get everything online.