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Hi everyone,

We finished off our work migrating all our JS / Reason / BuckleScript related documentation to the new ReScript website and therefore deprecated and set up redirects for all existing urls to the new canonical source.

Within the ReScript docs you will find a v8.0.0 version branch which is pretty much the same BuckleScript related content as on, but merged with the language manual in one cohesive document.

I tried my best to forward every single API / Manual / BuckleScript / Blog link to the right target, so in case you find any broken links that were important to you, please let me know so I can fix them.

The blog posts (even though now terribly out of date after the BuckleScript -> ReScript rebrand) will still be accessible on ReScript’s blog as “archived posts”. Right now those won’t be visible, but we will add a Archive page for easy access later.

For all ReasonML related content, you can find the offical docs here (this actually has never changed):

A quick update on the ReScript docs search: We just got our website indexed and we’ll wire it up soon. So hopefully you’ll be able to search across resources easily soon as well.

One last note: Just because was deprecated doesn’t mean that the project was terminated. We’ll continue our work improving the docs, with a stronger focus on the JS use-case. Please reach out to @jordwalke in case you are interested in improving the ReasonML documentation on

Sorry for the inconvenience redirecting / forwarding / communicating to different doc websites for the second time … now that ReScript / Reason are clearly separated, it’s easier for us to align all our information as one official resource, instead of having multiple different official resources and community maintained docs.

Docs are going to improve a ton very soon. Thanks for your understanding and support!


Hi Patrick, nice work. These efforts will make things easier for everyone. I had one follow-up question, what will be used for?


The plan was to sync up with Jordan / responsible community members on what to do with the domain.

Even though we originally put a warning on the frontpage that was still pre-alpha and urls subject to change, I feel like there are quite a lot of ppl relying on it, so I’d like to keep the redirections active for a few weeks / one, two months until all users have noticed the change and adapted accordingly.


Hi, I have a question that seems like it is slightly relevant.

I currently teach our univ 3rd year students FP using an F#/FABLE/elmish/electron toolchain. The idea is show them the merits of declarative programming plus strong typing, but with this allow fun web UI style project work. So they learn a pure subset of the FP language and then work with nearly pure web code. I’d love to do this using OCamL / reasonML (or whatever it is called) / some MVU skeleton / electron. OCaml is a better fit for what I want to teach than is F#, and is better tech. But, for teaching, I need stuff to be working quite well without too many rough edges. Where is the ocaml on the web project vs the F# on the web project now do people think?



Hi, Tom!

Could you please create your own thread over at ?
I think your question is interesting, but it is better suited to have it’s own thread. And since it is about web tech, it is probably better suited there.

Thank you.


OK, new thread coming up