ReasonML/React workshop (Toronto, March 13th)




Notes from the meetup:

  • I probably was a little too ambitious trying to build a stateful, routed app from scratch
  • Someone asked, with the props-passing approach, does that mean that every intermediate component that passes props down to its children, also gets re-rendered on each prop change?
  • Can we use the React dev tools with ReasonReact?


What went wrong with it?


Not wrong exactly, but I guess I introduced too many concepts at once, some people might have felt a bit lost. Variants, (basic) pattern matching, options, modules, JSX, etc. But I think people got it overall, because they mostly had a ReactJS background and I was trying to build on that.


How much time did you have for this workshop? My experience is that I need at least a 4 hour session to cover the very basics of the language, as you said, explaining variants, pattern matching and such


I had about one and a half hours of me explaining and coding while the audience followed along. I could tell most were trying to code along. The organiser helpfully suggested posting the finished code sample up on Pastebin, and people were able to copy it from there. Hopefully they got to play around with it.