ReasonNYC Still Alive?


Hey all! Was wondering if the the ReasonNYC meet up was still be managed/planned to return for 2018/or… ? The last bit of information posted on the site is June 2017. Would love to attend or help out if at all possible when I am around the city (once or twice a month).


I believe the ReasonNYC person is now working with TS instead. Would be nice if someone can take over the Reason meetup!


I’d be happy to help out however I can, but I’m unsure what is the best option. I organize the OCaml NYC Meetup, which has 700 members and we also host Reason events (of course). So I’m wondering how to structure this. I’m happy to do whatever people think is best. Is a separate group useful, or should we simply leverage the existing OCaml meetup?