ReasonReact Example on Glitch - get started right away :)



Hey all!

Just wanted to share with you my implementation of the awesome CRA + reason scripts to have a ReactReason template available on Glitch!

I’ve been enjoying the Glitch platform - just thought it’d be nice to prepare another way for newcomers to experience ReasonReact in case set up is difficult, or perhaps not as easily accessible.

The repo housing some of the minor tweaks is located here:

I’d like to add some notes on how this can be ‘productionized’ on Glitch - if others have experience, please feel free to chime in!


I made an attempt at this a while ago too :slight_smile:

I didn’t use reason-scripts though, just bsb + an express server


Dude this is awesome too! Thanks for sharing it - also love the name of dre, hah :slight_smile:


Shhhhh Dre is stealth-mode lol – but yea the name was so good I couldn’t resist :joy: